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Portable and Fixed Sprayers

Our Electrostatic Sprayers are the most effective way to cover any area with solutions like Anti-Microbial Surface Protectants. We also have fixed installation systems for locations where more frequent spraying is needed e.g. venue entry tunnels or perimeter spraying.

Handheld Sprayers

Small and easy to use, these highly portable sprayers are ideal for small locations like cafes, restaurants, or even vehicles like school busses, taxis, ambulances or other first responder vehicles.

Shoulder / Backpack Sprayers

Shoulder and backpack electrostatic sprayers are intended to be used in larger coverage venues like office parks, sports venues, airports, airplanes, schools, universities, trains, train stations, public transport etc.

Installed Systems

For locations where more frequent spraying is required an installed misting system is required. Examples being disinfection tunnels at the entrance of sports stadiums, shopping malls etc. These systems are installed and programmed to either mist on a regular interval or when triggered by a sensor (e.g. motion or presence).

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