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NuProtection offers cost-effective, long efficacy, anti-microbial, and other health & safety solutions to resellers and service companies.

Surface Protecting Solutions

Our cost effective, long efficacy, Anti-Microbial Surface Protecting Solutions provide long term surface protection against a long list of pathogens.

Hand Sanitizers

We have a range of Hand Sanitizers including an alcohol-based product and a premium product based on the same anti-microbial agent found in the Surface Protectants.

COVID-19 Solutions

We have a variety of up-to-date COVID-19 solutions for your business to help get through the pandemic as quickly and effectively as possible.

Pest Control Solutions

We offer highly effective pest control solutions to eradicate pests like bedbugs, lice, termites, ticks and fleas, flies, mosquitos, midges, etc. These products can be applied using portable (handheld / backpack sprayers) or installed spray and misting systems.

Portable & Fixed Sprayers

NuProtection offers a wide range of sprayers. Whether you are looking to apply service protectant in an office, treat bedbugs in a hotel or an installed solution for your garden or farm shed to eradicate mosquitos, flies and midges, we have something for you.

Multi-Sensor Technology

Our range of Multi-Sensor Technology Solutions include pathogen and substance detectors, multi-spectrum cameras and more, to help companies keep their clients, staff and business safe.

Hospitality Hygiene

Large range of generic or custom branded (Your Logo) good quality toiletry and other hygiene products for the hospitality (Hotels, Guesthouses, AirBnB etc). E.g. Shampoos or Covid Travel Kit (Hand Sanitizer, Mask and Gloves).  Manufactured in the EU.

Applicable Use Cases

Airports & Airplanes

Airplanes and airports are junctions where more than just people cross over and move to different parts of the planet. Our solutions keep passengers, luggage, cargo and staff safe during their travels.

Hotels & Restaurants

With an extremely high turnover of people, hotels and restaurant staff, guests and patrons need to be assured more than ever that they will be safe from viruses and other pathogens.

Offices & Factories

Make sure your work spaces are safe and provide your staff and customers with the reassurance that health standards are at the highest possible level.

Public Transport

Whether travelling via bus, tram, metro or train, passengers need to know that there are no viruses or other pathogens travelling with them.

Schools & Universities

Provide your staff and students with the reassurance that campuses, classrooms and common areas are clean and safe to frequent.

Sports Venues

Create a relaxed atmosphere where fans and players can focus on enjoying the sport by keeping them safe from viruses and other pathogens.

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