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Installed Sprayers

Easy to install, these sprayers are ideal for gardens, large terraces, hotel pool areas, farm sheds, dairy milking sheds etc. Once installed the system releases an extremely low dosage of pest control solution on a regular basis to ensure constant protection. When combined with our disinfection solutions and applied in a tent or enclosed entrance space, triggered with motion or presence sensors these systems can be placed at the entrance to shopping malls, sports stadiums etc to ensure the highest level of health and safety on your premises.

Fixed sprayers are ideal for places where you need constant protection over a long period of time.


  • Extremely effective.
  • Cost efficient over long term.
  • Constant protection.
  • Fully automated and hassle free
  • Advanced models are internet connected for remote monitoring and management.

Easy to install and maintain. Once installed and connected the unit will spray at preconfigurable times, set amounts of solution via the connected tubing and nozzles over a wide area.


Availability varies, contact us or one of our resellers for delivery information.

More information

For more information, e.g. product info sheets, safety data sheets, pricing and more contact us.

Configured and managed via a browser on your phone, tablet or laptop, these systems are extremely easy to setup and maintain.

Advanced systems can even be connected to a remote monitoring and management server via which the system can be controlled and via which alarms can be reacted upon.

More Information

For more information about our solutions and pricing, contact us via the website and we / one of our local agents will contact you.

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