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Fly and Mosquito Treatment

The purpose of this product is to kill through contact, it is not a repellent. Non-toxic for all mammals, does not harm the environment. Safe to use in the Food Services, Dairy industry, and in Veterinarian and Hospitality industries.

  • 100% effective and Non-Toxic
  • Non Allergic
  • EPA 25(b) Exempt
  • Does not stain
  • Fragrance Free
  • Bonds to textiles
  • May be removed by washing
  • Does not rub off
  • Applied with sprayer or installed misting systems (see our range)
  • Years of client use.
  • Water based Colloidal
  • Does not require professional for applicationNon-toxic and non allergic
Volume Options

Available in a range of volumes, bulk containers for wholesale and reseller customers, and smaller quality containers for retailers or companies looking to resell or use the product in their own facilities.


Availability depends on product and volume requirements.

More information

For more information, e.g. product info sheets, safety data sheets, pricing and more contact us.

Fly and Mosquito treatment products can be used and applied in a number of ways:

We offer a range of sprayers for every application type, see that product section for more information and contact us.

NOTE: It is important to always read and adhere to the safety data sheets and training when using any NuProtection Products.

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