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Multi-Sensor Technology

Using a variety of sensors (e.g. thermometers, multispectral cameras, molecule detectors etc) combined with advanced AI (artificial intelligence) and other techniques these technology solutions are designed to provide enhanced entry security, impairment detection and healthcare screenings.

Alcohol and Cannabis Impairment

Our technology is quick, non-invasive, contactless screening that​ requires very little training to administer. It can be deployed easily in any workplace and easy to use for law enforcement officials. This is the first solution to identify impairment and no need for any biologics.

Infectious Disease Detection

Deployed virtually anywhere, these solutions detect infections and analyze hot spot locations early. Giving public health authorities, premises owners and businesses the ability to proactively protect populations especially where large numbers of people gather or where transmission security is paramount.

Mental Illness

Effectively determine early signs of mental illnesses, including depression, dementia and other brain disorders. Deployed in healthcare facilities and company medical offices this technology will provide practitioners with a simple, measurable diagnostic tool to detect signs of these disorders at early stages. Yet another way to protect and care for the mental health of their workforce.

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